Besides seeing sea sight, joy entertainment activities above and below the sea, having another experience will help you ‘enjoy’  the whole flavor of Danang beach that tastes fresh seafood dishes, which shed sea perfume.Coming to the sea city, you should try the following 9 best seafood dishes in Da Nang to not miss perfect ones.TOP 9 BEST SEAFOOD DISHES IN DANANG

Seafood hotpot

Heading the list of 9 best seafood in Danang neither crab, shrimp nor fish, that is a dish, which combines all the kind of seafood – seafood hotpot. With it, you can taste sort of fresh seafood in a pot of boiling, waft of hot aroma.It is sold a lot at the restaurant, the best pubs in Danang locate at the seaside of My Khe beach or Pham Van Dong street

Baked skate

If getting used to dishes, which make from famous sea fish like codfish, tuna,…you can change into the other unique delicious food, which processes from skate- baked skate.The pulp of skate is tougher than the other fish, especially when you grill, it is very perfumed and sweet.The bone of it rather soft, so you can chew it.

Fried sweet Snail with coconut

Although fried sweet snail with coconut dish is not too strange, when enjoying it in Da Nang (1), you will fell unusual taste. Because most restaurant always makes from fresh snails, so its pulp remain sweet and perfumed taste when eating. This is special smell of the sea, many people’re kidding that.

Therefore, there is no end of dishes, it always keeps a specific position. It is also one of the dishes, which famous of Danang city. In order to consult the other dishes, you can view more at

Dipped little cuttle in vinegar

Little cuttle is small, the body is tapered and long, it lives a lot on Danang beach. There are a large of ways to process it, but dipped little cuttle in vinegar is the most delicious dish. When enjoying it, you not only fell tough, crisp taste but also have a little smell sea of Because of dipping in warm bouillon cuttle has even bitter and salty taste, really interesting.

Grilled Oyster with cheese

Oyster is a special food of Danang beach. In here, Oyster is rather big, very fresh and firm pulp. Beside fresh oyster with mustard, having fried oyster with flour, oyster congee…Grilled oyster with cheese is quite interesting, which make many people like most. In the tour in Danang, espicially  exploring and diving tour at Song Tra peninsula always have service of lunch program with a seafood dish. Among them, Grilled Oyster with cheese is rarely absent.

Grilled Scallops

Scallops are viewed as the most delicious seafood of Central region in general and Danang in particular. With the people, who have a great passion for seafood, grilled scallops dish will be a perfect choice, which hard to skip when coming to beautiful Danang beach

Roasted Pincers of spider crab with salt

Perfumed and sweet taste of spider crabs pulp and salty taste of salt, which hang on the peel outside make you hard not to try, one piece will be added. It is not only a delicious seafood but also a favorite food for man, who used to drink. Enjoying it with a cold beer cup is “perfect”.
Beside pincers of spider crab roast with salt, Danang also has a lot of other food for a drink. If being curious and expecting to know what they are, it is easier for you to find the answer in the article: Summarizing the most common food for a drink in Danang.

Steamed scad

Ranking 8th in the best list of seafood is steamed Although it is familiar to local people, tourist’s not probably known. After steaming carefully, it is rolled inside girdle cake with some fresh vegetables, and then dipped into the sauce, ‘no word can explain’

Steamed Chip chip with citronella

The last seafood dish- perfect ending in top 9 best seafood dish in Danang is steamed chip chip with citronella. After steaming, chip chip’s pulp combines with citronella turn into a good smell. According to some local people, they shared friendly: chip chip’s pulp is quite cool and it supplies your body with nutrients. In Danang, prices of seafood dishes as a whole are rather cheap. If would like to save your spending, you should go to an anti-illiteracy restaurant such as Ba Thoi seafood restaurant (96 Le Dinh Duong street), Ba Tam seafood restaurant (103 Nui Thanh street), Be Man ( 18 Hoang Sa street)…. Hoping that, with above top 9 best seafood dishes, which recommended,  you will put an idea into your head about Danang’s food in general and wonderful seafood dishes in particular.

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