What Promotes Sale Of The Cellular Shades

It is possible to come across products that might seem a sure shot sales success only to be let down by the volumes generated.  So it would follow that the best-laid plans could go faulty and here it would be pertinent to recall what gets the cellular styled window shades to sell. This would be due to a combination of factors than a single element of the product most of the time. The most critical factors for creating the sales of the typical honeycomb shades are as laid out below.

  1. Flexible design

Few people would be able to define what gets to be classified as a cellular type of shade. It is more of the right approach to a situation that essentially establishes the honeycomb window shades. Thus it is possible to find cellular shades done to specifications which are localized in nature. This would apply to the manner in which the shades are hung up on the window spaces as also with the different kinds of material used in their construction too.

One of the main reasons why the use of window blinds has taken on such universal application has to do with the ability of the basic design to be varied to suit the situation at hand. The use of different cell structures also provides the customer with just the right variation to satisfy the different conditions.

  1. Dual nature of the product

A well designed cellular shade can function to cut out the light entering the room and also to keep the heat let in through the windows to a more tolerable level. Few other window treatments can provide this kind of features all in a single product. The alternative is to use two curtains and each performing one of the functions of the cellular shades.

On the practical side, this sort of multi-use capability of the honeycomb shades provides for a cost saving that few other options provide this well.

  1. Durability

Despite the relatively higher cost of constructing a cellular shade to window space, it stands to good reason that the shades do last a good while too. There is the solidity to the construction which comes about with the need to support the bulkier celled structure within the material of the outer shade. So the higher cost of the product comes with the much welcome feature that the shades would last a reasonably long time.

Even the fabric that is used as the external covering that keeps the cellular structure sandwiched between them; they are much thicker and do have the strength to hold up the shades. The honeycomb shades are the preferred window dressing for rooms that do allow the children to use. They are safe from tearing down in any situation and can be depended on to take to any rough treatment without a murmur of protest as such.

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