The Front Act: Home Improvement Tips for the Front Yard

All of the parts in the house is important. It’s up to you how you’ll choose to design each section. However, the first thing that people will notice is your front yard. It’s the part of your house that will greet you and your guests when you arrive at your home.

Keeping your front yard in good shape is essential. It’s like the face of your house. If the face doesn’t look good, guests might not want to see the rest of your home.

Here are things that you can do to help you keep your front yard looking good. Doing these will give your front yard a new look, and it can also make your house looking better than before.

Renew your painting vows

The color and state of your exterior painting are one of the most noticeable aspects of your house.  Your house won’t look inviting to other people if your paint is peeling or fading into an unpleasant color.

If your house doesn’t look good, maybe the color of your house is out of style, or the harsh winter has damaged some parts of it. Your house can look better with new paint, particularly your front yard.

For your front yard, you can work with small areas such as the siding first. Give your door a new color or go for a classy wooden door to add sophistication to your home. For overall painting, ask for professional opinion for trendy and complementary color combinations.

Plant Power

Plants make your home look fresh, and it also adds appeal. Aside from the traditional gardens, container gardens can also work for your front yard. You don’t have to arrange the containers in perfect symmetry, but make sure that it still looks good for onlookers.

If the grass is giving you a headache because of weeds and pests, you can go for synthetic turfs. Artificial grass can minimize your time for maintenance and your household water consumption.

Accessorize the Front Yard

Your front yard might look drab with nothing on it aside from the usual, so think about adding accessories to your yard. Replace rusty house numbers with stylish but easy-to-read pieces.

Maybe your mailbox also looks rusty and dirty; even your mailman wouldn’t want to touch it. Upgrade your mailbox to a new one, or go for a vintage-looking box if it fits your overall house theme.

Create symmetry with your additional designs. Don’t put all of the decoration on one side, while the other side remains bare. Try to strike a balance when you’re designing your yard.

Color for the Windows

Are your windows looking a bit bare? Add color by installing window boxes. You can plant flowers and other plants in these boxed. Boxes are particularly convenient if you don’t have much space for plants in your front yard.

Match the boxes to your exterior paint color and theme. It will look out of place if it has a different design from the rest of the house.

Art is Might

Art pieces can add beauty to your yard. You can place sculptures or bird baths outside. If you have thick shrubs, you can also have a topiary. Make sure that it’s not too large to cover the majority of your front yard.

The Pathway to Greatness

Your pathway is another essential part of your yard. Make sure that it’s safe to walk on and there are no cracks or other things which can cause injury to you and your family. If there are, repair it immediately.

If you don’t have one, think of adding it to your home. It’s more convenient to walk on a pathway, particularly on rainy days. The wet grass can wet your shoes or pants when you step on it.

Light it Up


Lights can brighten up our yard in more ways than one. Aside from providing light at night, it adds style to your yard. You can appreciate the beauty of lights, especially at night.

Outdoor lighting also has practical uses. You’ll be able to spot intruders or visitors coming up your pathway.


Taking care of your front yard is essential because it acts as the face of your house. If it looks a bit bad, you can try changing the colors of the paint. You can also add plants. If you don’t have much space, window boxes will do. You can add accessories to your front yard such as art pieces and lights.

Make sure that the pathway is clear of any obstruction for your family’s safety. If you don’t have it, consider adding one to your house for added convenience.

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