Space Saving Ideas Perfect for Small Home

These days, so many people are renting and living in a super small space. In particular, they do not have a pantry in the kitchen, or they do not have a lot of storage in the bathroom. Especially, there is nowhere to stick an extra shelf. Therefore, what are they supposed to do?

Many of you are struggling with this question all the time. As a result, I am going to introduce you some incredible information in terms of space saving ideas perfect for small home. And then, you can share your success with your beloved friends and family member.

Space Saving Ideas Perfect for Small Home

Slide-out shelf

First of all, this is a product that you may not get used to. But it is very affordable, and it works great in the kitchen, as well as the bathroom. This little slide-out shelf takes you only three minutes to assemble. And also, if you get the taller version, they can slide in between your fridge and your cabine try.

Space Saving Ideas Perfect for Small Home

I am sure this item will give you tons of additional storage space. Particularly, you do not have to buy a separate stand-alone organizer. Moreover, this shelf is a great option since you can get creative with where you use it in your home.

It is completely removable and fits so well with the dressers, the cabinets, together with the places that you will not ordinarily be able to hide stuff. Thanks to this amazing thing, you can have an entirely new storage for a super low budget.

Behind-the-door space

For the bathroom and pantry, I highly recommend using the behind-the-door space. It may be either a garage door or a bathroom door, but this can be easily maximized by using an attachment door piece.

What is so cool about this product?

Very simply, it hooks on to the hinges of your door and comes with a kit that is super easy to assemble. You only need to attach the magnetic guard, then measure the distance between your hinges and slip it right on using the hinge connectors.

Finally, you can install the bracket guards to keep everything on the shelf. And of course, the magnet at the bottom is pretty strong and safe if little hands are nearby. Furthermore, it is very lightweight while being capable of holding many products.

One thing to keep in mind is that you do need at least three inches from the edge of the molding to be able to properly open the door. Therefore, make sure to measure your space first. Another benefit of this item is that it is a great DIY option if you are handy and love designing things.

Wall system hanging organizer

The next best way to create storage in an incredibly small bathroom is to use every inch of your bathroom wall. You can use 1x4s pine wood to have enough space on the shelves and a ½ inch iron piping. Hang the shelves on a simple curtain rod with nooks.Wall system hanging organizer

In case your bathroom wall happens to be white or gray, then you might want to opt for a weathered look by painting a gray under-coat of paint and coating the edges with paraffin wax. This new organizer is perfect to store towels, toilet papers, or jars full of towel caddies.

Sofa bed

Moving to another tip, a great way to get more from the space is with a sofa bed. You can have the transition from spinning the sleeping in a matter of seconds. It has the hidden storage inside, so you will always have rooms for the blankets and pillows.

Sofa bedSofa bed

In addition, you can easily clean the cover since it is machine washable. However, if you want to have another option, you can choose to buy the sleeper sofa, which is very convenient and nice for your small house.

Corner shelving

If you look around your house, you may be shocked to see all of the corner space that is not being used to its full potential. As a consequence, try to take advantage of these space, and you can see the amazing results.

Under the stairway

Last but not least, do not forget to utilize the area under the stairway. This overlooked part of the house has tons of pack-it-in potentials.


In conclusion, I wish that all of these brilliant tips will help you to increase your knowledge about space saving ideas perfect for small home. From now on, you will no longer feel stressed about how to make your small house nicer and more convenient. However, in case you have any questions and queries, please do not hesitate to keep in touch with me anytime.

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